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The Dream Button is Now Activated

A New Game And it is a BIG DEAL

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How to play!. 2 Games The Dream Button or Money Bags Play To Win

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The Dream Button or Money Bags

Your Book a Money Book???

Write It, Publish It, Grow It Your Book a Money Book???

Currently, I am writing my sixth book, my third novel and I am forty-one thousand words into it. While writing it, I am trying to compromise on the title. The first title was Umbrella. Then I thought I might call it The Umbrella Clause, now I am thinking of being right in the middle of the two with the title The Umbrella or Umbrella Clause.

I know you are saying is that all you have to worry about really?

No, I also have to complete a new blog, of which I had an idea for about a while ago. Your Book A Money Book. However, I did not want to mislead you into thinking that it would be easy for you to write a book and make money off of it let alone it becoming a bestseller.

Recently I read a line that said something to this effect, (writing a book and it becoming a bestseller and the book making money is like winning the lottery, there are only a very few winners) if you recall seeing that statement let me know so that I can give the writer their due credit.

I am not advocating playing the lottery especially considering the addiction that comes with the euphoria of a chance to become an instant millionaire. But “you cannot win if you do not play” is what I’ve always been told. My answer is No, No Thank You.

Now, if we translate the above statement, “you cannot win if you do not play” in to living a better life via your dreams, or doing what you love. Is that a substantial argument? Continue Reading…

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Don’t Quit Your Day Job Practice These 7 Steps First

You’ve been there; you know the euphoria of being free-spirited. Singing at the top of your lungs, you sound fabulous, you are hitting every note pitch perfect. At least you think you are. Walking on cloud nine (I’m walking on sunshine), and then your friend, family member, co-worker shat’s you down.

Don’t quit your day job.

Whether you sounded like Pavarotti or not, it was meant to be a joke.

But it proves to be unshakeable advice when reaching out for your dreams or that dream job, maybe your first venture as an entrepreneur.

With that warning now uttered, do not let it be the reason why you do not reach out for the ring of gold. Because one day you will be able to quit your day job and bask in the success of doing what you want.

Each day you put off doing the thing you always wanted to do is a day lost. It is just like saving, or investing, it is one day of lost interest and earning potential.

What if I fail, what if it does not work, what if, what if.

So what can you do now? How about a practice run. Continue Reading Here…

If you want to make a little money online, IinCmm is seeking 10 Mobile Marketeers, Help Wanted.

Don’t wait, you could get your first payment today! IinCmm is seeking 10 Mobile Marketeers, Help Wanted.

I Am Nate

The question is not what, but who?

When you find the answer to who, the next question is.

Are You ready to change your life or do you desire to continue living the same as the day before.

I can only offer you a better life.

You have to choose it.

The experiment is simple, just extract the DNA from your chosen subject or multiple subjects. Rewrite the code, apply it to a new cell made of microbiology and nano-technology. The perfect marriage of microbiology and Moore’s Law.

Scientist have been genetically engineering our food, fruit, animals, and other plant life. You can bet they have even tested this science or technology on humans. Read More…

Be one of twenty to review this book and be entered into a drawing to win $50 in cash.

Just email your Amazon review to to be entered, you will be notified when 20 reviews have been submitted.

I Am Nate by Arthur S. Newman now seeking readers, fans, reviewers, and critics.

Peace and Security At Last

At least the novel is ready for your enjoyment.
Available now on

Be one of twenty to review this book and be entered into a drawing to win $50 in cash.

Just email your Amazon review to to be entered, you will be notified when 20 reviews have been submitted.

Peace and Security A Novel by Arthur S. Newman now seeking readers, fans, reviewers, and critics.

Read more –

Buy Now

Is an Online Income Really Possible

I just read an article, the article was written in a way that was intended to expose websites that tote the prospect of making money online. It also called out online courses that charge upfront fees to learn this lucrative business.

I agreed with most of the article, it is true that most of the individuals making money online are not individuals at all.

They are mega companies, and sites that have been around for a long time.

I would agree that the majority of the online courses, promising wealth and unlimited income are misleading and lacking any substantial evidence to back up their claims.

The article made a statement alluding to the abstract idea that any newcomers who would like to throw their hat into the arena, will stand very little chance or no chance of making money online.

What do you think? Are we at the end of the money making rainbow called the internet? Has someone else already claimed your pot of gold?

Is the internet gold rush over? Read More…

Youtube Video

Go Hard

No mater how you look at the follow thought, you will have to put the time in. True it is much harder if you work for someone else. That is why you should always be striving to be your own boss.

Go Hard Monday Through Wednesday and coast the rest of the week.

Coming Soon

Peace and Security A Novel by Arthur S. Newman

Peace and Security a Novel by Arthur S. Newman

Dig Some Coal

We have pre-launched Dig Some Coal. We are pleased to present our first goal from conception and design to an actually product for Android and iOS.

Dig Some Coal Coming Soon!

You now get to play ver. 1.0 for free, which includes no tricks, no annoying adds, or popups, and no waiting. Just (puredee) game play. It would be nice if you review the app or give some feedback, so that we can improve on the game and future versions. The first version is sure to please the player, and future versions will astonish you even more.

Game Description for version 1.0 below.

Dig Some Coal three games in one. Mineshaft Joyride, the signature game (Dig Some Coal) and Mine Escape.

Take a ride in a mine cart before getting started in your days work in the mines. After you have met up with your co-workers in the mine, it is time to get to work collecting coal and sometimes special gems. When the work day is over it is time to leave the mine and go home.

Take a thrill ride in a game like no other game. There will be challenges along the way, but you will be rewarded for your labor if you persist.

Come mining with us, and see how this game grows. Read More Here!

Peace and Security A Novel By Arthur S. Newman

On another monitor, onlookers viewed several agents lying on the floor shaking energetically.

“We had to release small electrical charges to subdue three agents, shots were fired but no one was injured. This area is secured.” Another man dressed in black spoke confidently.

“This is Commander Wallace, the remainder of the President’s secret service is standing down now there are no casualties, but multiple individuals have been stabilized by means of small electrical charges.” The voice chimed on all of the co-ops ears.

“The President has been taken into custody… respectfully.” Another man spoke into a small communication device.

“Make sure we have confiscated all electronic devices including the secret service small comms, the facility will need to be completely cut off.” Austin wanted to be certain.

“In all instances, there should be no digital footprint. I have monitored all devices that have been registered. And so far all devices are accounted for.” The thin man dressed in khaki’s and white dress shirt asserted.

“I hope all are pleased with the operations thus far, shall we meet in the conference room.” Katherine spoke to her colleagues.

Peace and Security A Novel By Arthur S. Newman

Memory Aid That Can Increase Your Memory by 20 Times

Memory is the ability to recall names, faces, sounds, places, times and events, actions, lists, abilities and so much more. The preceding recall examples helps us to answer the following questions who? what? when? how? where?

For centuries humans have looked for ways to Strengthen, Increase, Intensify, Expand their Memory or the ability to recall important or not so important stored memories.

With this list you will be able to Super Charge your ability to recall practically anything.

Youtube Memory List Part One 1 to 10

Youtube Memory List Part One 1 to 10

Continue Reading Here…

What You Should Know About SEO and Mobile Marketing

What should you know about SEO and Mobile Marketing?

SEO is closely associated with the media or content you provide and post on the internet.

Mobile Marketing or Marketing period is related to your efforts to let people know about your media or content.

I know the above two sentences sound like common sense, but many new business owners who are taking their products, media, and content to the web are still confused about these two most important tools for internet exposure. Read More…


“Peace is no friend of mankind and Security ye shall never find.”

The Monster and the Machine on Youtube

The Monster and the Machine on Youtube

Genetically Modified Foods on Youtube

Genetically Modified Foods on Youtube

Where has the money gone?

It was a Friday my partner Ben Wise and I were investigating a missing persons case. The complaint was filed by the VP of this huge conglomerate. He says his long time employee and highly respected member of the community has gone missing.

Continued Reading…

$100 Gift Card No Purchase Needed5

What Are You Working For

There is a powerful financial principle to achieve financial freedom that anyone can do, using the money you already make. However do to various arguments that have been made about this principle, many get turned off and never see it for what it really is.

Before we discuss this powerful financial principle that can start you down the path to financial independence, lets engage the question.

What are you working for? Read More

10 Steps to Starting an Online Business


Why start an Online Business?

Is it because someone suggested it to you as an easy way to make some extra money?

Maybe you heard about the latest internet sensation, where someone started selling a specific toy or other novelty and was able to quit their day job.

Just perhaps you are starting to believe all of the internet hype about having an online business, working form home, ditching the nine to five, firing your boss.

You have heard the headlines, Millions Now are Making Millions Online with this simple technique. Ok the last one was an exaggeration, but it does not stop the internet gurus from toting that misconception.

Whatever your reason for wanting to start a business online, make sure you know whats involved before stepping out onto the ledge, and jumping in.

Most people are seeking to be free from the day to day drudgery called work, and perhaps are seeking to do something more than build someone else dream.

The ultimate goal sometime before retirement for all of us is to look back and say I made a difference, let me go and enjoy my Financial Freedom.

Whether we achieve that goal earlier in life or sometime down the road ultimately it rest with you.

Your Financial Freedom Starts With You

Your main goal for wanting to start a business online is to do what you love.

I will throw the second goal in just in case you do not have a second goal.

Financial Freedom or Financial Independence either denotes not having to worry any longer about having enough money at the end of the Month, Year or Life, and for those who really want to live a simple life enough money at the end of the bills. We could also say becoming independently wealthy.

So, now that we have our priorities straight, let’s ask the obvious question. Read More…

We Are gods! Coming to iBooks May 14th 2016

Espionage Intrigue Mystery.

The Digital age has changed the relative positions of Government, Big Business and us.

For years we have been told where to buy our food, what to wear, where to work, how to save for our future, what health programs are good for us, even how to live.

Now that is about to change.

How can the theft of a laptop cause a system of corruption, greed, and power to be changed for ever.

It starts here.

Read We Are gods! eBook or Paperback

Ever Tangled With Lightning now available in paperback, kindle and for iBooks.

Ever Tangled With Lightning is a light hearted adventurous story whipped up by a imagination that knows no limitations. It is destined to become a classic, a must read for all ages, get your copy today or read a sample here.

With great imagination comes great responsibility and unlimited possibilities.

ETWL on iBooks

ETWL kindle edition

The Hero a new short story on

From the author that wrote the short stories, The Moral of the Story which takes you back to a time where tyrants may have ruled the land but the lessons of the truly powerful will leave you standing and cheering for the unlikely hero’s, yes there is a surprise ending. Innocence and Dreams a treat for all ears, this beautifully narrated story accompanied with song, will have you fighting back the tears. Ever Caught a Rabbit in a Cornfield a funny page turner that will have you saying no he did not do that. The Two Indians and The Rich Land Baron recaps the lost of our inheritance, and the must read Novel We Are gods a pulse pounding cloak and dagger mystery, that will have you questioning. Is this really happening today? And now his newest book Ever Tangled With Lightning where he proves the imagination really knows no limits.

Arthur S. Newman

Now presents to you for free and for your reading pleasure The Hero. There is no lead up needed for this story since it is free and available at Just click the banner below or the link above. I promise it will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The Hero 4

Published Author to Published Songwriter

When I tell people, that I have published 2 books and a song. The Responses I get range from.

No way, get out of here. How did you do it, how many books have you sold? Why are you still working here? What is the name of your book?

And many more, however the most captivating response I get from people.

“I always wanted to do that.” Continue Reading…

Coming Soon Ever Tangled With Lightning!

Ever Tangled With Lightning10

Part memoir, part biography, lot’s of humor, touching and very imaginative storytelling for all ages.

Making Money on the Internet Should Be Easy

Just as easy as pressing a button.

The majority of the people who are looking to make money on the internet, want to do so with minimal effort. Is this really possible? Should you believe all the hype? Should you spend your last few dollars to do so? Continue Reading…

wearegods fc

If you would like to share in the marketing, and publishing as well as the profits of this Novel please visit

Buy! Read! Review!

We Are gods Kindle Edition and Paperback

Recently published on

Received this message in my inbox, awesome news.

Congratulations, your book “We Are gods” is live in the Kindle Store and is available* for readers to purchase here. If you have republished your book, your changes are now live.

What do you do with this information? Easy go and buy my eBook.

The Two Indians and the Rich Land Baron

A short illustration about the lost of our inheritance.

If the poor want what the middle class have and the middle class want what the rich and powerful have what do the rich and powerful want?

Two Indians lived on a large island with their families. They had no money, Read More…

We Are gods! The Novel The End of the Beginning

We Are gods! The Novel Now Seeking Readers
Will you help make; We Are gods! The Novel a Number 1 Best Seller?

We Are gods! the novel link. We are gods! The novel was successfully funded on July the Fourth Two Thousand and Fifteen. Thank You to all my backers and supporters, now let’s publish a novel. Read More…

4 Major Factors That Drive Crowdfunding Success

Is it too late for you to profit from the raging success of this exploding business opportunity?

Crowdfunding is the killer of traditional lending models, many are getting their dreams financed through this funding model, without the embarrassing process that the traditional lending institutions offer.

The crowdfunding sites and the project owners/creators are not the only ones profiting from the growth and success of crowdfunding, there are three major groups that also are enjoying the success of this exploding market.

How can you claim your stake in this internet gold rush? Or have you missed the greatest opportunity in this modern age? Read More…

We Are gods banner

Kickstarter project We Are gods! The Novel 1 Million Supporters

This is why the first 3 days are the most critical.
In my crowd funding advocate step by step guide, this is not a step this is considered a golden egg. There are four of them. Would you like to know the other 3.

The following is the beginning of what I hope to be a very successful project. I need your help. If you help me you can receive a copy of The Crowd Funding Advocate step by step guide for free. This offer is good for the duration of We Are gods! The novel campaign.

Wag Excepting Pledges
Houston We Have Lift Off!


 We Are gods! Coming soon to

Crowdfunding the Road to success.

We Are gods! Started as a movie idea and I would very much like to see that happen. So how do we get there from here?

You have to have a good road map. However the best laid plans do not mean anything without the help and support from family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and others.

Crowd Funding Success Step 7 of 18 Build Your List’s Read more about the 18 steps to conduct a successful crowdfunding campaign.

we are gods preview link 2

1 Step To Financial Independence The Quote

Here is the quote, I promised you from my previous post. Read More

We will be focusing all our efforts on the latest project to come our way. It is a novel by the creator of this site. The name is We Are gods! he is seeking your support. Soon he will be starting a campaign. Please visit the blog, to get more info about this campaign.

1 Step To Financial Independence

Financial Independence, Freedom, Security, etc…

Defined – click here if you are not sure.

Why the majority will never achieve this status?

You will do well to forget all the hype, you know, all the steps the financial gurus tote and say about Financial Independence. Read More

Making Money on the Web from Anywhere

Making money on the Web with your Smartphone, Tablet PC revisited.

Imagine you are watching someone on their smartphone or tablet, just tapping away, all the while they are smiling from ear to ear. You know, you are curious about what he or she is doing, as this person finish and starts to walk away, he does a little fist pump. Now lets say that person was you, and you had just finished, updating your blog, added content to your website, checked the sales for your online store, closed an eBay transaction, checked the status of your downline, and sold 1000 shares of XYC for a tidy little profit. On top of all this, you checked your Paypal account, and found that you need to transfer a whopping sum of money from it, to your checking account. Read More

He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules

Who has the Gold?
Who is making the Rules?
Why not you?

It is obvious to me that you can no longer play by the old rules, it just does not work. If you wish to change your financial outcome, you must adapt to the new rules, and then you will change your financial income. Read More

More Money Making Articles and How To’s!

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