Dig Some Coal

Dig Some Coal

We have pre-launched Dig Some Coal. We are pleased to present our first goal from conception and design to an actually product for Android and iOS.

Dig Some Coal Coming Soon!

 You now get to play ver. 1.0 for free, which includes no tricks, no annoying adds, or popups, and no waiting. Just (puredee) game play. It would be nice if you review the app or give some feedback, so that we can improve on the game and future versions.  The first version is sure to please the player, and future versions will astonish you even more.

MineShaft Joyride

Dig Some Coal Signature Game

Mine Escape

Game Description for version 1.0 below.

Dig Some Coal three games in one. Mineshaft Joyride, the signature game (Dig Some Coal) and Mine Escape.

Take a ride in a mine cart before getting started in your days work in the mines. After you have met up with your co-workers in the mine, it is time to get to work collecting coal and sometimes special gems. When the work day is over it is time to leave the mine and go home.

Take a thrill ride in a game like no other game. There will be challenges along the way, but you will be rewarded for your labor if you persist.

Come mining with us, and see how this game grows.

Read below for future versions and updates. Also see the video of the original drawings and concept art.

Trailer Number 2 for Dig Some Coal


three miners

The first version of this game, now available for Android and iOS!

Dig Some Coal is an online game, where you play 3 games in one to build up precious commodities in order to start your own mining town.

You can choose to play either Mine Shaft Joyride, Dig Some Coal, or Mine Escape in order to build up your commodities.

The commodities are coal, gold, and diamonds.

When you leave the mine, of course you will need a place to stay, so it is important to build a home or some type of shelter.

The more important goal is to save your commodities in order to build your mining town.

Wait though, no one said this will be easy, mining is fraught with many dangers and setbacks.

This trailer, hopefully is the second of several trailers to give you a glimpse into what the game will entail.

We are considering a kickstarter.com project to help fund the future developments, advertisement and releases of this game.

I will release a preview of the project page soon.

Please leave comments, questions, or input below.

Updates can be found at the link Here. However I will be releasing further updates in the form of trailers as the game develops.

How you can provide help additionally.

Help bring awareness to this project by visiting the youtube link and telling others.

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