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My  Kickstarter Project

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Looking for a singer preferably a country/pop singer to sing This Country Boy Step-n Out Tonight.

Listen to the full demo at Do you know anyone that would sound good singing this song?

Starting the ground work, for My High School Music Video Contest. Follow this contest at

If you are taking Music in High School or maybe you are in the Drama club, or just maybe your school has a Glee club. Then you will want to get info about this contest, visit or email us at Find out how much is at stake.

100% Funded I need a country/pop singer.


In this sample you will hear the song as I wrote it and what I thought it should sound like. Remember I am a writer not a singer, so no rotten tomatoes please.


GoldRecordIn this sample you will hear what a really generous musician I met by shear fortune thought it would sound like with music. I asked him to stay true to the melody, but make it his own. He did this for me for about the cost of a pizza dinner and a case of beer.


In this sample, after some time, I finally got some nerve up to send it to Nashville. I sent them the original version, I asked them to stay true to the melody, but this time they would take my song and make it a demo I could pitch to major labels. It cost me $285.00 and that was a discount, the original price was $399.00, other demo studios wanted $500 to $800. Although this is a clean version, it is not marketable yet.


My Youtube Channel

$500 Contest

$500 dollar youtube video contest

I am in search of a country/pop singer. I have received funding to send someone to the recording studio to record one of my songs. See the above Kickstarter project.

I will be holding a contest wherein the winner will receive $500.
The runner up will receive $100.
I will be posting one of my songs on youtube channel ntelagnc.
The song is an original song, I own all rights to the song and it is copyrighted. Have fun with your video.
-I want you to make a video based on the songs lyrics.
-Any communications should be sent to
-If you want to be entered into the contest you must reply to this video.
-You must post your video in response to my video (the song).
(You must subscribe to my channel to participate).
-Winnings will be in the form of a check.

-While anyone can enter the Contest, Young People should get their parents permission. You must be 18 years of age to claim your prize (I will need your mailing address to send you your check)

(When I release the song please like or dislike I would prefer all likes).
You definitely want to tell others about this contest especially when we begin the voting stages.

There will be 5 stages.
Your video submission
Voting for top 5 videos
Your chance to tell people you are in the top 5
Voting for final video
Announcing the winner

Once 10 videos have been submitted you will have 2 weeks to submit your video.
Voting for the top 5 videos will last 2 weeks. Dates to be determined.
Voting for the final video will last 2 weeks. Dates to be determined.

Voting will be based on comments from other YOUTUBERS. Each YOUTUBER can vote for one video, one time. They can comment as many times as they want, however I must stress that they can only vote one time for one video.

The winner will be announced in a winner and thank you video also in the description box as well as on :
my site
and twitter

Remember youtube’s Policies and Guidelines.
I am open to suggestions that will make this an awesome contest.
The next video will be the song and lyrics. STAY TUNED!



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