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Critters and Varmints

Critters and Varmints Youtube

Critters and Varmints is a game that is in the designing and coding process.

Critters and Varmints Design and Coding Youtube

We are seeking feedback as to game play and controls.

Critters and Varmints Objectives Youtube

Critters and Varmints Out Foxed Youtube

For more details reach out to the following websites below:

 Or email.

Dig Some Coal

We have pre-launched Dig Some Coal. We are pleased to present our first goal from conception and design to an actually product for Android and iOS.

Dig Some Coal Coming Soon!

 You now get to play ver. 1.0 for free, which includes no tricks, no annoying adds, or popups, and no waiting. Just (puredee) game play. It would be nice if you review the app or give some feedback, so that we can improve on the game and future versions.  The first version is sure to please the player, and future versions will astonish you even more.

MineShaft Joyride

Dig Some Coal Signature Game

Mine Escape

Game Description for version 1.0 below.

Dig Some Coal three games in one. Mineshaft Joyride, the signature game (Dig Some Coal) and Mine Escape.

Take a ride in a mine cart before getting started in your days work in the mines. After you have met up with your co-workers in the mine, it is time to get to work collecting coal and sometimes special gems. When the work day is over it is time to leave the mine and go home.

Take a thrill ride in a game like no other game. There will be challenges along the way, but you will be rewarded for your labor if you persist.

Come mining with us, and see how this game grows.

Read below for future versions and updates. Also see the video of the original drawings and concept art.

Trailer number 2 for Dig Some Coalmain-page-ad-6

three miners

New App in the Works!

KINGS ASSASSIN has been removed from the app store.

Kings Assassin How To 1

Kings Assassin How To 2 King View

Kings Assassin How To 3 Queen View

Kings Assassin How To 4 Jack View

Kings Assassin How To 5 Assassin View

Fast pace card game that will bring you to the edge of your seat.

Warning: Can be very frustrating!

You the player can play on four different scenes.

Play as the King and arrange the cards with 4 Kings to save your life. Or get 4 Aces or 5 spades to defeat the Assassin.


Play as the Queen arrange the cards with 4 Queens and save the King. Or 5 diamonds to defeat the Assassin, or 5 Clubs and join Jack to defeat the King.


Play as Jack arrange the cards with 4 Jacks to save the King. Or 5 clubs to defeat the Assassin, or 5 Hearts and join the Queen to defeat the King.


Play as the Assassin arrange the cards with 4 Aces and defeat the King. Or get 4 Kings or 5 spades and show no mercy.


Seven cards are dealt to each player, the remainder of the deck is passed 1 card at a time, if you get the desired hand before the cards run out you win. If the cards run out before you get your desired hand you lose your crown.

Did I mention that the game is booby trapped? Do Not worry you will be fine, just watch out for the other players.

To Play

  • Touch Play
  • Choose a Character
  • Evaluate Your Hand, which is the only face up cards, at the bottom.
  • Touch Draw to deal card from the deck.
  • Decide to discard a card or pass a card in your hand, you have seven cards, above the seven cards is 7 letters  D,I,S,C,A,R,D, these letters control the card directly below it. Touch the letter corresponding to the card you wish to discard. If you do not want to discard a card, continue to the next step. If you do, touch the letter, and touch it again, you will receive the dealt card, also you will have dealt the next card. Caution: Take your time, you cannot undo what has been done!
  • Touch Pass (NOTE: Draw deals to YOU, Pass deals to the other PLAYERS.)
  • Your goal is to build a winning hand before you run out of cards, or before one of the booby traps is fired.
  • Below are examples of a winning hand.

As you play you will get better at evaluating the best arrangement to win.



You have to get 2,3,4,5,6 of a suit or 9,10,jack,queen,king in that order. To qualify as 5 spades, 5 diamonds, 5 clubs, 5 hearts. These cards can be arranged backwards example 6,5,4,3,2 or king,queen,jack,10,9.

Four of a kind needs to be arranged in this order Clubs,Diamonds,Spades,Hearts, or backwards, and can be wrapped if necessary. See the examples below.

Winning Hands

PLAY Kings Assassin today!

Kings Assassin


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Kings Assassin Challenge has been removed from the app store.


Kings Assassin Challenge is a match game that will keep you challenged for hours on end.

You have 4 challenging levels to play, but you should try to Warm Up first. After you Warm Up, try the 60 second challenge a race against the clock, you can match left to right, right to left up and down, L shaped C shaped. If you do well try the other challenging levels.

To Play, match the same images, by 2’s, 3’s, 4, 5,s etc,. but not so fast you have to match horizontal, vertical, L shape, C shape, Upside down L, ( I am sorry no diagonal) use your finger and your head and slide.

60 second challenge – you have sixty seconds to get as many matches as possible.

15 move challenge – get as many points as possible in 15 moves, so try getting as many as possible in one swipe, you control the outcome.

Zen – just play and run the score up, this will allow you to zone out.

Zen Master – This is more challenging, and will drive you crazy, you may even go crossed eyed, (no offense) be prepared to hunt and meditate.

My favorite level is Zen Master, if you get a score of 200 send the developer an email, at







bug’em–has been removed from the app store.

For iPad and iPhone

Tired of the bugs, then there is only one thing to do, EAT’EM.

Fly into action in this semi 3d style game, eat as many bugs as you want, also see how long you can last. Did I mention that you have competition, yes you are not the only bird in the sky, and they are hungry as well and they do not like to share. My advice to you avoid them. Oh yeah the trees can be a challenge too, but you gotta eat, so take your chances.

How long can you last, how many bugs can you eat?

Dodge the other Birds and Trees.

Bon Appetit!

How To Play

We have provided a fully functional keypad, the keypad is  blue and placed at the bottom of the screen. The keypad will allow you to move around the screen. Also you can tilt your device left and right to help you avoid the birds.

If you see a bug go get’em, but be careful that the hunter does not become the hunted, or that you do not become the feast.

Enjoy or be enjoyed.





My App ntelagnc Too has been removed from the app store.

Multitasking power in the palm of your hands, this is the iPad, the way it was meant to be used.

For Months people have been downloading and using the free version of this App. You too can download the free App, but if you want to do more, this is the App for you. Now there are more ways to multitask, more views to meet everyone’s needs.

The main view has been given a facelift, with larger views, to see more of what is important to you. Then there is the signature 4 views in one 3 web views and 1 note view. And we have now added a up and down view and a side by side view, as well as a full view, and all views have a address bar. Just type where you want to go and off you go.

While you are multitasking, peruse the bonus room, but do not touch the light, unless you like the dark. This room is designed for the art of touch, so do some touching.

Let’s talk about multitasking.  Here is what you can do, open your twitter in one view, and then open your Facebook in another view, and play both sides of the fence at the same time. Or open youtube in a view, and open pinterest view, and play a video and check out your friends favorite pins. You do not have to stop there how about reading two newspapers or two magazines, or check out two stock websites and track your favorite stocks. The possibilities are unlimited, and multitasking has never been so easy.

You want this App, and as mama always say you need food, water, and air, and her love, but needing this App is pretty close.





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Multi-tasking intelligence (ntelagnc), that is what My App ntelagnc is!


About this App, this App was designed for you the user. What if you could have an App that was designed for you? An App that was designed for your personal use. How would it look? What features would it have? What needs would it meet?

This is an example of what an App would look like for me. This App was designed for the multitask-er, you can view multiple web pages and take notes. You could play a Youtube Video, while browsing todays headlines, or check your email. Maybe you would like to have your Facebook page open and your Twitter page open on the same screen, or Google Plus.

Mobile devices as a primary business tool or leisure distraction from work are growing at a rapid rate, each year more and more people are choosing to use a mobile phone, tablet pc, and other such devices, as their goto or do it all machine. You may hand someone your business card, you may send a potential client a post card, you may even still use snail mail to communicate with your customers, however you can be certain of this fact, those forms of communication do not leave the house, and I am sure they have a special place where they get filed.

The one thing you can be sure of, when people leave their house, their mobile device, is sure to be in their purse, attached to their hip, tucked in a pocket, or it has a nice satchel or carrying case. You get the picture, but what you probably do not have is your own digital footprint, a website is nice, and we highly suggest that you have one, but what I am offering you here, is your own App, that will find it’s place on all those mobile devices, and unlike business cards, post cards, snail mail, your App will always be at your friend or customers fingertips.

Let us get started on your personal App today. Send your design and specifics to, and we will send you a price quote.

Thank You

Get Your App Started Today!


My App ntelagnc








Mobile Money Machine has been removed from the app store.

Warning this game is very challenging, and will send your memory into overload, you may even crash. At first you may think it is a simple concept, but when you start playing, you will change your mind quickly.

A seven digit number will be generated for you, but it will be encrypted, your job is to solve the combination before the time runs out and use that combination to get as much loot as you can. Remember when the time runs out, the safe will close, and you will have to generate a new code. To start press Play Now, do not worry a seven digit number will be generated, enter your guess using the large keypad that has been design for your convenience. After you have selected your code, press the Show Me The Money button, if you see seven dollar ($) signs, keep reusing that code until the time runs out. One coin will be rewarded to you per code entry, until the time expires. On the other hand, if you see X’s, try another code, if you see X’s and $’s, I hope you remembered the number that earned you the dollar sign. Remember you have 3 minutes to solve the combination, crack the code, break into the safe, and get your Loot.

To Play
Step 1 Press Play Now
Step 2 Enter numbers to guess the code
Step 3 Press Show Me The Money
Step 4 Repeat until you get all dollar signs
Step 5 When you get all dollar signs, continue to enter the code, until time expires. When the time expires, press Play Now again, to get new code.
You have three minutes to crack the code.

Future updates will allow you to use the Loot towards prizes, drawings and auctions, so fire up those synapses and brush up on your safe cracking skills.

Contact Us @

Mobile Money Machine

Mobile Money Machine








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Diamonds or Coal has been removed from the app store.

A memory game that will challenge the way you look at colors. It may even help your already advanced and capable mind, to develop a new memory network.

A series of seven colors will be generated, you have been put to task to figure out what the seven colors are in order, according to each column. For your convenience a large keyboard has been designed to help you solve this colorful puzzle.

To start just press the Time To Mine button, and then select a color from each column, then press the Give Me Diamonds button. If you get all (D’s) which stands for Diamonds, keep using that series of colors, until time expires. If you get (D’s) and (C’s) which stands for Coal, try to remember which column you got the (D’s) in. Continue to select colors until you have chosen the correct color from each column. If you are fortunate enough to get the correct series of colors, keep using that series until the time expires.

You have two minutes before time expires, and then you will have to press Time To Mine again, to get a new series of colors.

I hope you enjoy Diamonds or Coal.

1. Press Time To Mine
2. Select a color from each column
3. Press Give Me Diamonds
4. Remember which column yeilded (D’s)
5. Continue selecting colors until you get (D’s) in all column’s
6. If you get all (D’s) keep using the series of colors tell the time expires
You have two minutes to solve the puzzle.

Diamonds or Coal

Diamonds or Coal









You could make money by telling others about Dig Some Coal. Email Me.


You could make money by telling others about Dig Some Coal. Email Me.